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Past Life Regression Therapy

Dr. Bindu Babu has been trained by Renowned Past Life Regression Therapist Dr. Brian Weiss MD, Author of "Many Live, Many Masters"

Past Life Regression is a form of healing technique to access and re-experience your past lives using hypnotherapy. Your past lives are the blueprints of your soul which explains who you are now and why you are here on earth.

What is hypnosis and what does the regression entail?

Hypnosis is a form of focused awareness. It is important to be open to focus on yourself to access your distant as and past life memories. You'll be guided by me into a state of relaxation by focusing on the rhythm of your breathing & my voice, bringing you into a light trance state. You'll be in a complete relaxed state and well aware of your surroundings. You can feel yourself reclining in your chair or hear a nearby clock ticking while being fully engrossed in your past life memory. 


As you relax, I will encourage you to be aware of your inner images, what your sensing, what emotions your feeling. There is nothing to fear. I will than have you focus on a particular thought or feeling, which we may have uncovered during our initial interview and often the reason why you first seeked out to do a past life regression in the first place. This acts as the bridge that connects your current feelings or situation to a relevant past life.  Some of you, which is most frankly come to me just out of curiosity. Just to know what is this hype all about that you may have seen on Oprah, or read one of Dr. Brian Weiss's books. That’s ok; in fact it's beautiful as your opening yourself for the experience.


Past lives can be various. Some can be happy and fulfilling where these lives help bring a sense of gratitude and appreciation to your current positive outlook or relationships and other attributes that are in your life. 

Many of the times past lives also can reveal a traumatic experience or traumatic deaths. These traumatic experiences continue to affect us mentally, emotionally, physically setting up patterns in our current life. By re-experiencing this is exposure, you’re becoming aware of your current circumstances and gain an understanding. You’re able to shed a light to the context of this trauma. This starts your process to heal, healing of some of the deepest parts of your soul. Healing can be instantaneous or can take place with time, but a deep awareness and peace will over come you, along with relief. After your regression, you will remember everything you have experienced.


At anytime during your session if you encounter any emotions that you feel you do not want to handle, you can instantaneously come out of it on your own. You are in complete control of yourself at all times. My purpose is to guide you through the experience to receive the maximum benefit of this process and to help you through your spiritual healing process.

How long is a session?

Session is generally 90 minutes. We start with an interview process discussing why you are interested in doing a past life regression. I will be asking you a series of questions of your current day life, family history and physical health that may be relevant to any patterns that you might be repeating in your current life. This will help focus on particular areas during your regression. When this is done we will move on to the regression. Afterwards there will be time to talk about your experience for you to get grounded. You may record your session so that you can listen to it again for any further clarity.


I look forward in working with you through this beautiful and spiritual process of healing.


Past Life Regression

Virtual Session

90 minutes


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