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My soulmate, My Love, My Narcissist

My Soulmate
My Love 
My Narcissist

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Love allows us to come across that one person who takes our breath away.

Unfortunately, this same person has the capability to leave us gasping for breath on the side of the road. It is difficult to accept or even understand that our partner could be a narcissist.

We believe that only we can understand the true depths of our partner and the reasons for their actions.

Narcissistic abuse doesn’t just happen overnight. It creeps up until one day you don’t even recognize yourself or your partner, it's slowly dehumanizing. When we do finally break free, we find ourselves starting over from scratch – questioning everything we thought we knew about ourselves and our life.

The reality is we can recover and once again find the strong, independent, and powerful person we truly are. This book will empower you to change your circumstances and heal what is needed so you can move forward on a positive path of growth and well being.

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