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Online Course

Learn what’s behind a narcissist’s thought process. Get the answers to your questions so that you can get the clarity you crave for from the fog in your head.

 The word “Narcissist” is thrown around today as some layman’s term towards anyone who is self-absorbed. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Through these courses you will understand what’s happening with your partner, your relationship, and most importantly.. yourself. You are not alone in this. You will see examples of other women who went through similar patterns which will be revolutionary to you.

 There are hundreds and even thousands of women and men who are going through this every day.

Recognition and awareness is the first step. Take these courses and start your journey in getting your questions answered and your empowerment.

Life perspective, life coaching

What is a Toxic Narcissistic Relationship?

In this course you will learn what Narcissism is and the signs of what a toxic narcissistic relationship entails. You will discover the cyclic patterns of the relationship bringing you the clarity and awareness needed for your healing journey.

Narcissistic Toxic Relationships

Recognize the Attraction & Hold in Narcissistic Abuse

In this course you will discover why and how a Narcissistic Relationship has a grip on you. You will learn the scientific and emotional reasoning of what is truly happening and what are the options to bring you the life and peace you desire.

Life coaching, Life purpose

Let's Find the Inner You & Heal

Through this course, you will learn and recieve tools of self love and reflection for your healing process. You will understand the true significance of forgiveness of the self and others to lead the life you deserve and desire.

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