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International Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bindu Babu

Dr. Bindu Babu is an expert on Toxic Narcissistic Relationships, and received the New York's most Powerful Women in Business award for 2019. She has been vetted and selected to become a Forbes Business Council 2020 member.


This year she was nominated for the Wintrade Global 2020 Entrepreneur in Health & Wellness Award, UK and the 2020 iWomen Global Award, India. Featured in the Formidable Women Magazine 2020 Spring issue and The Hollywood Times... Dr. Babu has also been on many radio shows, podcasts, and live television talk shows throughout her career.

Dr. Babu is a renowned and dynamic international keynote speaker on narcissism and abusive toxic relationships. She engages her audience with an interactive approach. Dr. Babu has also taken on the role of Organizing Committee Member & Chair at various psychiatry-based World Congresses and Conferences. Her talks impact her audience with an allopathic scientific view and include her Quantum Healing Approach with an emphasis on positive thinking, mindset cultivation, and mindfulness in everyday living.

Dr. Babu enjoys her life's purpose of teaching and healing to help others live a life of complete health, fulfillment, and abundance.


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