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Dr. Bindu Babu on the The Greatness Engineering Hour Show with Host Mireille Toulekema

Dr. Bindu Babu on the The Greatness Engineering Hour Show with Host Mireille Toulekema

Don't forget to join the conversion with with Bindu Babu on The Greatness Engineering Hour Show later today as we focus on healing and recovery form Narcissistic abuse and all the amazing work she's doing worldwide. Dr. Bindu Babu is a successful Integrative Physician & Celebrity Transformational Coach. She’s been awarded New York’s Most Powerful Women in Business 2019 and was vetted and selected to become a member of the Forbes Business Council, 2020. Dr. Babu is and is the Global Goodwill Ambassador, USA and Global Peace Chain Ambassador, USA. She is a successful entrepreneur where she is trained in the Quantum methodologies of healing helping her clients all over the world. Dr. Babu has taken on the roles of Organizing Committee Member & Chair at various psychiatry based World Congresses and Global Summits. She is a renowned international keynote speaker on narcissism and abusive toxic relationships where she has authored her book “My Soulmate, My Love, My Narcissist” based on her protocol on the healing and recovery form Narcissistic abuse. Dr. Babu has been nominated for the Wintrade Global 2020 Entrepreneur in Health & Wellness Award, UK, the 2020 iWomen Global Award, India and the Women of Inspiration Award 2020, Canada. She was featured in the Formidable Women Magazine 2020 Spring issue, The Hollywood Times and chosen as a “Phenomenal Woman” 2020 by, not for profit organization. Dr. Babu has spoken at prestigious universities such as Harvard and NYU and has been invited on many radio shows, podcasts, and live global television talk shows throughout her career. She is honored as the Circle of Wise Women for the International Organization; Female Wave of Change & has dedicated her time for a Non-Profit Organization, New American Voters Association (NAVA) in New York as the Director of Leadership Academy. She is an advocate of Gender Based Violence prevention & Women Empowerment. Dr. Babu is “Honorary Life Member” of the globally known ALL Ladies League (ALL), Women Economic Forum and member of WICCI: Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - India’s First National Business Chamber for Women. She is WHO (World Health Organization) certified for the Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness and response. Dr. Babu is a Medical Physician and has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a PHD in Integrative Medicine. She is the curriculum founder and professor of Health Business Entrepreneurship, at the Masters & PHD level at Quantum University, Hawaii USA. Dr. Babu is a Certified Reiki Master and a Past Life Regression Therapist trained & certified by internationally renowned Dr. Brian L. Weiss M.D. author of “Many Lives, Many Masters” with the Weiss Institute. She works at her office in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York & also see her clients virtually worldwide
Dr. Bindu Babu podcast
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