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Narcissistic Toxic Relationships

Narcissistic abuse doesn’t just happen suddenly or overnight. It creeps up until one day you don’t even recognize yourself. It’s slowly dehumanizing.

If a narcissist enters your life, especially in the form of a romantic partner they will completely drain you of your entire sense of self. When you finally break free, you’ll find yourself starting over from scratch – questioning everything you thought you knew about yourself. 


The reality is that you can recover and reclaim that strong,

independent, powerful person you were. 

You can find your own sense of contentment

from a place of self-love and inner healing.


Through my personal journey and the circumstances that were occurring in my life, including narcissistic abuse, I learned to love myself. I also learned about sustainable healing, mindset, and various Quantum modalities. I have worked and been mentored by some of the great healers of our time, Dr. Brian Weiss MD, Dr. Paul Drouin MD, Dr Amit Goswami & Dr. Bruce Lipton. It has been a privilege and an attribute to my life purpose to passionately support others on their healing journey.


Today, I am an Integrative Physician, Quantum Based Transformational Life Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist, and Intuitive Reiki Master where I work with clients all over the world. I’m here to guide my clients to heal and leave their past where it belongs so they can lead a life of fulfillment and happiness.

When a person finally does decide to break free, they find themselves having to start over from scratch and they don't even know where to begin. At the same time they are struggling with the the pull to not go back.  

Together we will start your transformational journey

for true healing...

You will learn to empower yourself to change your circumstances while moving forward on a positive path of growth and well-being. 

If I can do it, you can too.

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