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Dr. Bindu Babu, HD Life  Coach

Wake up to a better tomorrow.

You’re already one step closer to finding healing. You deserve a bountiful life full of the peace and joy you deserve. Dr. Bindu Babu is here for you with the following service options.  For your best results, work with Dr. Bindu Babu to create a holistic healing profile that will use a variety of the following modalities to serve you best.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing

Intuitive healing means working with YOU throughout your healing process.  Your growth will honor your current circumstances and engage you as the primary vehicle for your healing.  Intuitive healing is a great way to recover from narcissistic abuse, learn to forgive yourself, and create the transformative healing process you deserve.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a way of seeking healing through searching through past lives and the trauma that lives there.  With the help of a certified past life regression therapist, you’ll be able to unlock deeply stored pains from worlds beyond our own.  This cathartic release can allow you to move forward in the present with a newly empowered stance. 



Reiki healing, the spiritual process of working with another to honor and remove the past trauma your body has incurred is a great way to help yourself move forward.  By working with a certified reiki therapist, your body will feel lighter and more inspired to begin forming new healing pathways. Consider it a whole body cleanse that can help you move forward without the weighing down of past hurts.

Is healing for me?


If you’re asking this question, odds are the Universe is already telling you the answer. We all deserve healing.  Whether you’re just starting on your healing journey or you’ve already worked to uncover some of your past trauma and hurts, Dr. Bindu Babu can help you with any of the following issues: 

  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

  • Inability to Forgive

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Past Life Trauma 

  • Unclear Sense of Self

  • Identity Shifting

  • Transformative Healing for Future Planning

  • Goal setting


In addition, Dr. Bindu Babu offers online coursework to help you work through past narcissistic abuse therapy on your own.  Her three part series will allow you to self-reflect and move forward in ways that feel best for you.

Dr. Bindu Babu I-MD, PHD
Big quote Dr. Bindu Babu

Meet. Dr. Bindu Babu

Dr. Bindu Babu is a proud author of a highly-rated international release, “My Soulmate, My Love, My Narcissist” where she breaks down what it means to be attached to a narcissist and how to recover from narcissistic abuse. 


In addition, Dr. Bindu Babu holds the following accolades: 

  • Named in Top 100 Asian Powerlist New York by CITY & STATE NY 2023

  • Quantum Based Transformational Life Coach

  • Reiki Master & Past Life Regression Therapist trained by Dr. Brian Weiss M.D

  • Global Speaker, Published Author, Forbes Contributor

  • Appointed in New York City Mayor Eric Adam's Health Transition Team 2022

  • Founder & President of 501c3 Non Profit Organization Hearts of Change

  • G100 United States Chair for Mental Health

  • Forbes Business Council 2020 & 2021

  • New York Power Women in Business Award Winner 2019, Schnepps Media

  • United Nations Women Empowerment Principles Signatory

  • Circle of Wise Women, Female Wave of Change NGO

My Soulmate, My Love, My Narcissist Book

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“I had a great experience and she helped me unblock issues in my life I've been carrying for a long time. I look forward to booking another session with her in the future.” 

~Mary K.

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